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[Gumshoe wakes up to find himself in a hotel. A familiar hotel, actually. Though at the moment he can't recall why it's familiar. Still, it's a nice hotel, so that makes the fact that he just suddenly woke up here a little easier to take. He gets up from the bed and takes a look around.

The more he looks in front of him, the more the sense of déjà vu bugs him. A swanky hotel, a bouquet of roses sitting on the end table he was sleeping by, and he's dressed in a tuxedo. Yep, he's been through this before, he thinks. Wait, wasn't there a meal included in this last time?

Gumshoe spots the candlelit table with the prepared meal and gives a shrug as he heads over to see if it's the same as before. Checking over the meal, he can't help he's forgetting something about this setup from last time. What was it......?

He's about to sit down to mull it over as he eats when he looks over and sees the other chair, glass, plate, and other table settings. That's when it clicks.]

Oh yeah! They lock two of us in here! Geeze, how could I forget that part!
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 [Gumshoe suddenly notices he's standing in a room. From the small amount of candlelight currently in the room, it looks like some sort of hotel. It's no hotel he remembers back home, but then, he didn't stay in many back home. Especially as expensive looking ones like this one. Still, he seems unharmed, wearing a nice tux, and holding roses. This probably could bear further investigations, such as that table over there with food.

Wait, food? Well, it does feel like dinner time... And Gumshoe is pretty hungry. Especially since his stomach just gurgled to remind him. Well, can't figure things out on an empty stomach, right?

Gumshoe sits down at the table, setting the roses in the middle. He picks up the silverware up and is about to dig in when he notices the plates across from him. As in another meal. For another person. Which probably means....]

"Er, hello?"


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