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[Gumshoe is pushing a shopping cart through the aisle of the general store, slowly scanning the shelves for various items. His ever faithful friend and pet, Missile, rides in the basket of the cart, occasionally shifting or moving to be more comfortable, but mostly sniffs the items Gumshoe occasionally puts into the cart.]

"Let's see... We need some breakfast cereal... At least, I think we do. I don't remember the kids making toast or bagels or something. Maybe I should have made a list or asked them, huh, Missile?"

[At the question, the dog simply cocks his head to one side, as if unsure on how to answer him. Gumshoe sighs and goes back to haphazardly shopping.]

"Well, hopefully I'll get most of the essentials for the week at least. Worse comes to worse, we'll just need to make another trip."
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 [The sounds of carpentry can be heard around Mitchell Road. Specifically from the house at 1449. The small garage beside it is open, and Missile, the ever faithful dog, is laying down in the shade of the door's slight overhang. Inside of course is a figure dress for the task at hand as he pares down a large bit of plywood with hand tools. Nearby are some cans of paint, unopened, but marked with what colors are inside. There appears to be a lot of light blue.

Yes, Gumshoe is making something. What he's making may be obvious to some, but looks more like some surrealist nightmare at the moment. This doesn't seem to bother Gumshoe though, as he focuses on his project, seemingly oblivious to his surrounding.]

[[Small edit and OCC note: In case you're wondering what the final product will be, here's a YouTube link of the Blue Badger in action. No music for it though. Yet.]]
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[Gumshoe walks down the path to the mailbox, Missile following close by as he opens it. Pulling out the few letters, he dejectedly sorts through his mail, not really sure what to expect from the Mailman of Mayfield.]

"Bill... Bill... Bill..."

[He sighs, as Missile sits, watching him intently, wagging his tail. It's at this point that he comes to the last letter that was in the mailbox.]

"Eh? This isn't a bill..."

[Indeed, the letter appears to be in a security envelope and marked with a letterhead of a local business. Gumshoe looks down at his faithfully waiting dog with a smile.]

"A paycheck, huh? Well, guess I still need to buy noodles with money while here. Maybe we'll have enough left over to get you some hot dogs, Missile. I know they're not the same as the Samurai ones, but I guess they're the closest were going to get to it here. Let's take a look."


"Let's see... Taxes, etc... Then Net pay iiiis...."

[Gumshoe's eyes widen in shock. THAT'S how much he earned? The job pays him THAT much? Possibly every month? Gumshoe can only do one thing in this situation:]

"I've hit the jackpot, pal! Wooooooop!"

[And that's when he begins a dance that would make the Blue Badger proud as Missile jumps around with him, making the occasional excited bark.]


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