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[Gumshoe is spending the day avoiding leafy green vegetables when he notices the encroaching mass of red jelly swarming the town.

Considering that he knows the horror movie classics, he decides the best course of action is to just turn around and call it a day.

Or he would if he didn't see that small cat completely oblivious to the blob and about to be absorbed. He immediately takes action!]

Look out!

[Gumshoe runs at the cat, waving his arms, hoping that along with the shout, it'll run off. Sure enough, he startled the cat in the opposite direction. Feeling like a job well done, he decides to head home.

And his first step lands right into the blob. Guess it was moving from more than one direction. Poor Gumshoe is stuck for the rest of the day floating in this sticky mess.]

Man, this has just not been my week... Or month... Or year...
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Action | Somewhere in town Sunday afternoon

[Gumshoe is the type of person who knows when things are out of his league, but still will do the right thing even if he has no hope of succeeding. Zombies are something he can't really handle directly, so he can only make sure others are safe and try to avoid them as best they can. But again, the avoiding plan goes out the window when someone needs help.

In this case...]


[Gumshoe is trying his best to keep the zombies away from a stray dog with a tree branch. If you're wondering why he doesn't use the police issued revolver he has on him, it's simply because he never got any bullets for it.]

Action | Outside 1449 Mitchell Road Monday

[Gumshoe has been feeling horrible since he tried to help that stray dog yesterday. He's pretty sure what this means, but he's trying to stay positive and hope that maybe he's just under the weather. He already called in sick for work and is currently trying to remain out of the way of others and any zombies that might be around. This includes doing some simple routine things like making a cup of noodles to try and feel normal.

But even the fact that it's beef ramen isn't really helping and Gumshoe is just going to have to face facts and just go with the flow. Hopefully this will blow over quickly before he does anything bad. Or someone will take care of him. As it is, when in Rome, right? So Gumshoe sets aside his bowl of noodles and shuffles off down the road.]

Braaaaains? That sound right? Braaaaains... Yeah, that sounds right. Braaaaains, pal...
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[Gumshoe wakes up to find himself in a hotel. A familiar hotel, actually. Though at the moment he can't recall why it's familiar. Still, it's a nice hotel, so that makes the fact that he just suddenly woke up here a little easier to take. He gets up from the bed and takes a look around.

The more he looks in front of him, the more the sense of déjà vu bugs him. A swanky hotel, a bouquet of roses sitting on the end table he was sleeping by, and he's dressed in a tuxedo. Yep, he's been through this before, he thinks. Wait, wasn't there a meal included in this last time?

Gumshoe spots the candlelit table with the prepared meal and gives a shrug as he heads over to see if it's the same as before. Checking over the meal, he can't help he's forgetting something about this setup from last time. What was it......?

He's about to sit down to mull it over as he eats when he looks over and sees the other chair, glass, plate, and other table settings. That's when it clicks.]

Oh yeah! They lock two of us in here! Geeze, how could I forget that part!
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Day 1 | Tuesday

[Gumshoe is a law-abiding citizen. Under normal conditions, anyways. He's been in Mayfield long enough to know that following the letter of the law and not the spirit is usually a good way to still be a law-abiding citizen here, but not actually supporting what is going on. But now there's the law about milk. He gathered the bottles of milk left by the milkman on Tuesday and set them in the fridge with a note on each bottle that says "DO NOT DRINK!!" as he ponders what exactly to do about this situation. He knows it won't be as simple as follow the law or don't follow it, but he has no idea which would be the better option here...

He's even agonizing over it still when there's a knock on his door in the afternoon. A knock from the new Chief of Police, checking up on the residence. The conversation between the two is tense and short, Gumshoe knowing full well there's not a thing he can do about it, and with him showing up to check on things, figures he'll have to settle for following the law option. Which he punctuates with shouting as he goes back inside to get one of the bottles.]

Look pal, I'm going to drink the milk, alright, right now, here look? Alright? So you don't have to check up on us, we're not law-breakers here.

...So here goes.

[And then he opens the bottle and attempts to chug the milk. Except it's not milk. In fact for a moment, Gumshoe, who had his eyes close, thinks it might be empty and he lucked out. That is until he opens an eye and sees the swarming spiders falling onto his face.]


[What follows is Gumshoe running into the house to find a way to get rid of the spiders crawling over him, and later something to get the taste out of his mouth.]

Day 2! )

Days 3-5 | ???

[During the next couple of days, Gumshoe isn't quick enough to get the bottles from his house mate, but he sure is going to be around to try and handle the effects they cause.]

((OOC Note: I worked this out with Ness's player, deciding to split up milk duties. When he puts up a post for these three days, I'll edit this one to include the link to it!))

Day 6! )

Later during Day 6 | At a nearby park | Still under the effects of the Special Milk

[Gumshoe has taken the hallucinations in pretty good stride. Even when they became more vivid and solid. And human. And talking back to him. He felt some fresh air would help and since he was stuck with these latest hallucinations, he got a nice size fold up table, a deck of cards, and four chairs to set up in an open spot in the park. Why? Well, to play some poker with them of course. Gumshoe shuffles and deals consistently for him and three other people that no one else can see, chatting affable with them.]

Um, Kay's handling things okay, Mr. Faraday, but I think she's still a bit sad over that thing with her boyfriend...ER I MEAN Boyfriend? What boyfriend?! Everything is fine with her! Yep! So what's your bet Dustin?

Um... No, I haven't seen Maggey around. I think someone said she was in Westport, but that might have been the town messing with folks again...

What's that, Mr. Edgeworth? Oh, um, I think Mr. Edgeworth, er, I mean Miles there, not you sir, is back home, so hopefully everything is fine with him.
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[It's another day in Mayfield alright. Well, except it's the fourth of July. So that means no work for Gumshoe to go to, for one thing. And to be honest, he does enjoy a holiday like this. So what if he's stuck in a crazy suburban prison? Might as well try and make the best of it for today.]

[Action | 1449 Mitchell Road]

[Gumshoe is actually up like usually, hard to change habit after all. But he figured since he's up, he'd make some food for his not!Family. If anything, it sure would be good to show Ness that they _do_ have food here.]

[Action | Around town]

[If you run into Gumshoe today, you'll see him pretty chipper and upbeat. Making small talk with anybody who talks to him, even the drones. He mostly seems to be running errands here and there if anyone asks, but he's also checking to see if there's going to be fireworks later.

He's also carrying a small bag with him. Turns out he found a good deal on sparklers and any time he sees some kids, you can see him offering them some of the safe fireworks to play with today.]

[Pretty much everywhere]

[All in all, Gumshoe is just being Gumshoe. Which, if you watch him for a bit or think about it, it isn't actually much different from your average drone. Maybe you should talk to him be sure? But then, what if he is?]
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 [Gumshoe suddenly notices he's standing in a room. From the small amount of candlelight currently in the room, it looks like some sort of hotel. It's no hotel he remembers back home, but then, he didn't stay in many back home. Especially as expensive looking ones like this one. Still, he seems unharmed, wearing a nice tux, and holding roses. This probably could bear further investigations, such as that table over there with food.

Wait, food? Well, it does feel like dinner time... And Gumshoe is pretty hungry. Especially since his stomach just gurgled to remind him. Well, can't figure things out on an empty stomach, right?

Gumshoe sits down at the table, setting the roses in the middle. He picks up the silverware up and is about to dig in when he notices the plates across from him. As in another meal. For another person. Which probably means....]

"Er, hello?"
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[A doorbell brings Gumshoe to the front door. Opening it, he finds a mailman with a clipboard and a crate on a hand-truck beside him.]

"Er, yes, can I help you pal?"

[The mailman smiles and holds out the clipboard towards Gumshoe before speaking:]

"Package for Mr. Gumshoe. Need you to sign on the line there."

[Gumshoe scans the clipboard merely as a formality before signing it, after which the mailman gives thanks, slides the box off the hand-truck, and returns back to his truck to drive away. Gumshoe watches him leave before stepping out onto the porch to see what was just delivered. He's very wary of the box, as it has holes near the top and the words 'Live Animal' stenciled in red on the sides. Just as he takes a step closer, a thump from inside the box startles him and he freezes, waiting a few moments before taking the papers attached to the top of the box.]

"Let's see....  Live animal....  Classification: Dog...  Breed: Shiba Inu.... Name: Missile...  MISSILE! Hang on buddy! I'll get you out of there!"

[Gumshoe rushes inside to get a hammer or other tool to help open the crate and quickly returns, taking only a few moments before he finally gets the crate open. Once open, he bends down to greet his old pal as he calls into the crate.]

"Come on out, Missile! I don't know who mailed you here or why, but I'll get you some premium dog food or something to celebrate! It'll be nice to see a familiar faaaaaAAAAH!"

[The scream is because a sudden, furry blur shot out from the box, aimed directly at Gumshoe's head, knocking him on his back. With a hiss and some snarling, the blur scratches at his face before dashing off and up a nearby tree. Gumshoe catches his breath and stands up before he turns around to look at the tree. Upon on the higher branches he's sees the angriest cat he has ever laid eyes on in his life glaring back at him.]

"What the heck?! Is this some kind of prank?!"

[Gumshoe shuffles through the papers he was reading earlier to see if there's been some kind of terrible mistake.]

"....blah blah blah....  Ah, here we go. If there seems to be a problem, please notify us immediately and return the package with the original contents it contained so that we can quickly provide you with the correct package...."

[He glances at the crate again and then back at the cat in the tree. The cat lets out a loud hiss. He looks back to the crate.]

"How in the world am I suppose to get it back in the box?"
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[Gumshoe sighs, a little dejected about his current situation, but sticks to some routine as he goes to check his mail. Most of the things are there are just adverts or some such except a specific letter reminding him to pay his taxes.]

"What?! But I just got here! I don't even have my wallet on me!"

[Glancing around nervously, Gumshoe takes out a pen he grabbed from inside and quickly writes 'Return to Sender' on the envelope before placing it back inside and putting the mailbox flag up after closing it. He then heads back inside and quickly shuts the door tightly.] 


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