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Noodle Pack 2: I just got here, pal!

[Gumshoe sighs, a little dejected about his current situation, but sticks to some routine as he goes to check his mail. Most of the things are there are just adverts or some such except a specific letter reminding him to pay his taxes.]

"What?! But I just got here! I don't even have my wallet on me!"

[Glancing around nervously, Gumshoe takes out a pen he grabbed from inside and quickly writes 'Return to Sender' on the envelope before placing it back inside and putting the mailbox flag up after closing it. He then heads back inside and quickly shuts the door tightly.] 


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[[Massimo. Totally saw that from across the street. He isn't quite sure how the mail system works, but regardless of the situation, it looked a little bit odd that he'd write something on it and then put it back.]]

...are you allowed to do that?

Re: Action

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[Gumshoe lets out an 'erk' at being caught and pokes his head back out the door]

"Er, well, see, I just got here, you know? So I figured they just mailed it to the wrong guy. I'm sure if the mailman takes it back, he can find out who it's suppose to belong to, you know?

Worse that can happen is they send it back, right?"


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Man, Massimo isn't sure.]]

What was it they mailed you, then?

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"Well.... it's these forms for taxes, see. But I don't even have a job, I think, or even been a resident to really count to having to do taxes for here yet.

More than anything I just need some time to figure out how to deal with them, you know?"