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Detective Dick Gumshoe ([personal profile] derp_detective) wrote2010-04-13 10:43 pm

Noodle Pack 1: A rather strange morning

[A slight snore from the bed sitting in 1449 Mitchell road seems to fill the entire room as the figure dreams away the morning. Or more appropriately, the figure seems to be having a nightmare as he wakes up, sitting up with a start.]

"Not my noodles!"

[Now awake and taking a look around the room, Gumshoe's eyes first fall on the alarm clock beside his bed.]

"Oh crap! I'm late for work!"

[Going over to a nearby phone, he quickly dials the number for the Chief of his department, Criminal Affairs. Since he's usually at his computer at his desk, when it picks up, Gumshoe begins talking immediately.]

"Hello, chief? This is Gumshoe! I don't know why, but my alarm didn't go off and I'm going to be late into work. But don't worry, I'll grab the next bus and be there shortly!"

[Gumshoe tosses the receiver back onto the phone and runs to get dress, not realizing he missed, allowing whoever is on the other line to hear him stumble around his surroundings.]

"Where's my badge? Or my gun?! Oh man, I hope I didn't lose them again... I'll have to fill out another lost item form, and they get mad when you lose a gun... Wait, where's my trench coat?! That was a gift from Maggey!! Oh crap, I have to hurry or I'll miss the bus!"

[The sounds that follow are Gumshoe hurriedly putting on a suit, running down the stairs, and slamming the door behind him as he tears down the sidewalk, looking for the bus stop he usually takes in the morning to the police department.]

[A long period of silence passes in the house before the front door is opened once more and someone climbs the steps again. The person then picks up the receiver and dials again.]

"Um, chief? Gumshoe again. I think I'm going to have to make that 'be there shortly' to 'I'm not going to be in today.' I'm not sure how, but I think I'm in another town or something, or at least in a part of the city I've never seen before. But once I get back home and find my badge and gun, I'm sure things will be fine and I won't be late tomorrow. Alright, chief? Chief? .....Hello?"

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[I. That. Um.]

[Have some silence as Coquelicot listens in amazement/horror and tries to work out exactly how the hell to respond to all of that.]

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"That is you on the other line, right, chief? I didn't dial a wrong number did I? I think I remembered the area code this time..."

[Gumshoe is actually starting to wonder seeing as how at least the chief would've have sighed in resignation by now.]

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[Coquelicot clears her throat.]

"Ah... n-no, this isn't the Chief. And you're not at home, either..."

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"Oh, um, sorry, wrong number it seems then... I kinda figured this isn't home since my apartment isn't this clean. Plus the bus stop wasn't down the block like usual. Sorry about that..."

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... it took you this long to figure that out...?

That means you're new here, huh?

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Well, I'm not really old.... But what do you mean by 'new here'? I mean, other than it not being my home, where's 'here'?

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Detective Gumshoe.

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Oh hey, I recognize that voice! You're what's-her-name that was with Wright on that Hairy Butz trial, right?

How's it going, pal?

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... Yes, that's correct. We met before, as well. Have you been helped?

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"Well, I'm still not a hundred percent on what's going on around here, but some folks have been nice to explain a bit. It still sounds a bit far-fetched though..."

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It never really stops seeming far-fetched, no matter how long you're here.

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"'How long you're here.'? That makes it sound like you've been here for a long time, or that there's much chance of leaving..."

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Let's see... I've been here just shy of a year now. Another month and a half, I think.

Gumshoe might have forgotten why nobody would report Mia Fey was missing.....

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"That long?! Aw man, and nobody has reported you missing or something? Then again, I wasn't in the missing persons department... But still, there's gotta be something we can do to get back home!"

hahaha <3

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... What's the last thing you remember, Detective?

Seriously, until someone reminds him, he might forget who the victim of the Redd White case was. >.>

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"Well, there was that whole mess at the Allebahstian and Babahlese embassy during their goodwill event. Man was that crazy! Mr. Edgeworth was running back and forth and Miss von Karma was shouting orders... And Kay was being blamed for a murder! Can you believe that?

But thankfully we got it all cleared up at the end because of Mr. Edgeworth's incredible powers!"

oh gumshoe

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Miles Edgeworth is incredible indeed.

I don't recall those things happening, so I imagine it was some time after I died.

This is long in coming, but the idea I had is just too fun to run with to not type it....

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"After you died.... AHH! I remember now! You were the victim in the trial with Redd White! Man, that was a confusing thing, what with the defendant changing almost every day. At least we caught you're murderer in the end though!

....Wait, does that mean I'm talking to a ghost?! Or maybe I'm dead too?!! Is that it? Did I finally kick the bucket because of my bad diet or Mis von Karma's whip?!"

No worries!

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Oh, no, Detective Gumshoe, you're probably still very much alive.

Don't linger on that 'probably,' Gumshoe!

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"Phew, that's a relief.

...But then, how am I talking to you? I mean, you don't sound like a ghost."

He probably doesn't even know!

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It's this place that does strange things to you, bringing all kinds of people together.