derp_detective: (FREEZE PAL!)
Detective Dick Gumshoe ([personal profile] derp_detective) wrote2011-10-26 11:48 pm

Noodle Pack 14: Gumshoe is a friend to all animals, really.

[Gumshoe is spending the day avoiding leafy green vegetables when he notices the encroaching mass of red jelly swarming the town.

Considering that he knows the horror movie classics, he decides the best course of action is to just turn around and call it a day.

Or he would if he didn't see that small cat completely oblivious to the blob and about to be absorbed. He immediately takes action!]

Look out!

[Gumshoe runs at the cat, waving his arms, hoping that along with the shout, it'll run off. Sure enough, he startled the cat in the opposite direction. Feeling like a job well done, he decides to head home.

And his first step lands right into the blob. Guess it was moving from more than one direction. Poor Gumshoe is stuck for the rest of the day floating in this sticky mess.]

Man, this has just not been my week... Or month... Or year...

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