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Detective Dick Gumshoe ([personal profile] derp_detective) wrote2011-09-21 10:51 pm

Noodle Pack 13: Gumshoe should have taken the 'wait at the pub' option...

Action | Somewhere in town Sunday afternoon

[Gumshoe is the type of person who knows when things are out of his league, but still will do the right thing even if he has no hope of succeeding. Zombies are something he can't really handle directly, so he can only make sure others are safe and try to avoid them as best they can. But again, the avoiding plan goes out the window when someone needs help.

In this case...]


[Gumshoe is trying his best to keep the zombies away from a stray dog with a tree branch. If you're wondering why he doesn't use the police issued revolver he has on him, it's simply because he never got any bullets for it.]

Action | Outside 1449 Mitchell Road Monday

[Gumshoe has been feeling horrible since he tried to help that stray dog yesterday. He's pretty sure what this means, but he's trying to stay positive and hope that maybe he's just under the weather. He already called in sick for work and is currently trying to remain out of the way of others and any zombies that might be around. This includes doing some simple routine things like making a cup of noodles to try and feel normal.

But even the fact that it's beef ramen isn't really helping and Gumshoe is just going to have to face facts and just go with the flow. Hopefully this will blow over quickly before he does anything bad. Or someone will take care of him. As it is, when in Rome, right? So Gumshoe sets aside his bowl of noodles and shuffles off down the road.]

Braaaaains? That sound right? Braaaaains... Yeah, that sounds right. Braaaaains, pal...