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Noodle Pack 12: Déjà vu -The Feeling That You Are Doing Something That You Have Done Before-

[Gumshoe wakes up to find himself in a hotel. A familiar hotel, actually. Though at the moment he can't recall why it's familiar. Still, it's a nice hotel, so that makes the fact that he just suddenly woke up here a little easier to take. He gets up from the bed and takes a look around.

The more he looks in front of him, the more the sense of déjà vu bugs him. A swanky hotel, a bouquet of roses sitting on the end table he was sleeping by, and he's dressed in a tuxedo. Yep, he's been through this before, he thinks. Wait, wasn't there a meal included in this last time?

Gumshoe spots the candlelit table with the prepared meal and gives a shrug as he heads over to see if it's the same as before. Checking over the meal, he can't help he's forgetting something about this setup from last time. What was it......?

He's about to sit down to mull it over as he eats when he looks over and sees the other chair, glass, plate, and other table settings. That's when it clicks.]

Oh yeah! They lock two of us in here! Geeze, how could I forget that part!

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[Viktoria tenses as she wakes up, feeling that something is very different at once. This is not her assigned house, nor is she wearing what she fell asleep in the night before. It had to be a game the town was playing, and she couldn't let her guard down until she figured out the rules.

It was then that she heard a man's voice. Unfamiliar, but clearly someone else forced into the game as well. She sits up in the bed, and takes a look around.]

This again? They're growing uncreative.

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[Gumshoe hears the voice and turns around to see who it is.]

Oh, hey there. Yeah, I guess it is a bit unoriginal. But who knows, maybe it's a tradition or something and the town just has to do this every year?

[Gumshoe gives a shrug and then extends a hand to shake.]

The name's Dick Gumshoe, by the way. Sorry we're stuck here for awhile.

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[She frowns at first. If they must replay a game, then surely they could have chosen something a little more exciting. There's not even any chance of death involved here!]

You may call me Viktoria. [She returns the gesture, and decides to flash a slightly mischievous smile.] Do you find yourself comfortable in such close quarters with a stranger?

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[Gumshoe gives the hand a shake and lets go to shrug.]

I've always been a bit of a people person, so being friendly just comes naturally to me, I guess.

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That's good to hear. I remember that it does get so very lonely in here, with no escape, and no telling how long one could be trapped inside.

[She's still smiling a bit. No harm in trying to make this a little more fun, is there?]

If by 'fun,' you mean testing the obliviousness of Gumshoe, then yes, no harm....

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Well, if I remember from last time, it was something like seven hours or so.

Which is pretty long now that I think about it, but at least they left us some food to eat. At least it's not by ourselves though, huh? I bet a lot of folks would get a bit stir crazy locked up for that long.

lol, well she can try at least

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Yes, I assume they would. In this tiny little room... then again, it's rather intimate, don't you think?

[She just might be sliding off the bed and approaching him slowly right now.]

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[And Gumshoe might not be fully paying attention to that. Just glancing around the room.]

Yeah, I guess it is. Not just a bit small, but the way this place looks, right? I guess they really took some cues from Honeymoon suites and the like, huh? Least it's comfortable I guess.

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[She stops. Looks at him. This may be harder than she originally thought.

But hey, she's got nothing better to do.]

Indeed, this a place of decadence... and pleasure.

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[Gumshoe seems to actually mull that over a bit. Wheels turning, chin scratching, that sort of thing.]

You know, I never really thought about it like that, but that does make sense. I mean, the only time I've ever been to places like this was for work, and that usually means something pretty bad went down. But before that happens, it's pretty clear cut how or why they got there to begin with. Still, I'd be neglecting my job in a situation like that if I just assumed and didn't make sure to ask any witnesses or people around at the time.