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Noodle Pack 10: Well it is a holiday, isn't it, pal? [0% Droned]

[It's another day in Mayfield alright. Well, except it's the fourth of July. So that means no work for Gumshoe to go to, for one thing. And to be honest, he does enjoy a holiday like this. So what if he's stuck in a crazy suburban prison? Might as well try and make the best of it for today.]

[Action | 1449 Mitchell Road]

[Gumshoe is actually up like usually, hard to change habit after all. But he figured since he's up, he'd make some food for his not!Family. If anything, it sure would be good to show Ness that they _do_ have food here.]

[Action | Around town]

[If you run into Gumshoe today, you'll see him pretty chipper and upbeat. Making small talk with anybody who talks to him, even the drones. He mostly seems to be running errands here and there if anyone asks, but he's also checking to see if there's going to be fireworks later.

He's also carrying a small bag with him. Turns out he found a good deal on sparklers and any time he sees some kids, you can see him offering them some of the safe fireworks to play with today.]

[Pretty much everywhere]

[All in all, Gumshoe is just being Gumshoe. Which, if you watch him for a bit or think about it, it isn't actually much different from your average drone. Maybe you should talk to him be sure? But then, what if he is?]

HI CASTMATE! (wave) 100% droned, to make things extra confusing for the poor guy.

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[Ema runs into Gumshoe not far from the grocery store. After watching him give some children a few sparklers, she approaches.]

Spreading the joy of the holiday, I see. I hope you're warning them how not to burn themselves with those things.

[She smiles. She should seem more surprised to see him, but... well, she's droned.]

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[Gumshoe turns to look at the (somewhat) familiar face.]

Oh hi Ema, er, Miss Skye.

[Its still odd to talk to someone from the future. Well, your own future anyway. Plus it's been awhile since he last said hello to her or seen her.]

Yeah, I figured giving them sparklers would be a little better and slightly safer than letting them try to find like an M-80, you know?

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[Ema cocks her head a little.]

I haven't been "Miss Skye" for years. You can call me Ema, it's totally fine.

That's very true. Better they play with the less dangerous fireworks.

There is the distinct chance that Gumshoe may not figure out about Ema's droning

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Alright, Ema it is! 'Course I'm not use to calling you that since you were younger, you know?

So what are you up to today?

It's because he's Gumshoe. :)

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I understand. But there's no need for things to be so formal with us. [Although she is a bit curious as to why he went for her maiden name and not her married one.]

I'm not up to much. Had brunch with my family and now I'm getting ready for fireworks and dinner tonight. And enjoying my day off.

How about you?

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Pretty much the same. The enjoying the day off bit, I mean. I made some breakfast for my housemates, but I guess they decided to sleep in or something.

So there's definitely fireworks tonight?

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That sounds like a good morning, although I can't imagine why they slept in and missed it. Today, of all days.

As far as I know! Why wouldn't there be?

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Well, you never know with this town. Was worried there be some kind of trick going on instead of fireworks...