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Noodle Pack 9: How many of these did just hand out before.....?

[Action | 1449 Mitchell Road]

[Gumshoe yawns as he heads out the door of his house. Half asleep, he still gets ready for the daily grind which includes getting the daily newspaper but he stops short.

There's a large crate on his lawn. There's no air holes, so thankfully it won't be a live animal that will want to claw his eyes out like that mix up with Missile before. But still, this is Mayfield. Beware drones bearing gifts and all that. On the other hand, better to take care of it himself then leave it out here. What if some kid opened it?

So that's why Gumshoe steps back inside the house and returns with a hammer to open the crate to be presented with....]

"File cabinets? What in the..."

[He randomly opens one of the drawers, finding it filled to the brim with simple manila folders. But oh, what those folders contain! So much information! So many photos! And all about police cases. Specifically, any police case that even tangentially had Gumshoe involved in it is there. The written records, the statements made, the crime scene photos, and many, many autopsy reports.]

"Oh geeze, I better bring these inside."

[Gumshoe tries to slide the crate with the cabinets toward the house, but has no such luck in budging it. He then tries to get a hold of one of the cabinets and tries to just pull one in to start. That as well doesn't work, these things are just way too heavy.]

"...I think I'm gonna need some help."

[Phone | Unfiltered]

", yeah. I just got a crate with a bunch of full file cabinets in it. I don't suppose somebody could help a fella out and move them into the house? I can't move them on my own and I don't want to leave them on the street either. No big deal really, just they're in the way and all, you know?

...Right, so if anybody can help out at 1449 Mitchell Road, I'd appreciate it."


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File Cabinets? Why the hell...

Never mind. I can come help ya if you'd like.


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That'd be really great, pal! These things are just to way too heavy for one person!

Re: [phone]

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I can imagine. Do you want me to come now?


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Sure, if you can! Just look for the house on Mitchell Road with a crate out front...

Re: [phone]

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Alright, no problem. I'll be there shortly.

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Thanks a bunch! See you there!

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[And off he goes to help poor Gumshoe out]


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File cabinets? What's in them?


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Oh, it's all a bunch of case files from....

[Wait, maybe Gumshoe shouldn't mention what specifically, surely the case involving her father is in there and that might just drudge up all kinds of bad memories...]

...from, um, from Traffic division. Yeah. Lots of stuff about overdue parking tickets and citations and such. Yep. Pretty boring stuff.

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Wow, speeding must be a bigger problem than I thought!

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Er, yeah, the city had tons of problems with it, hence all the files. Plus it's from way back to when the Traffic Division first started, so you know, lots of just piled up case files. Yep.

[Dodged a bullet there, Gumshoe, good job!]

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Oh. Well, I guess that makes sense.

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Yep! That makes perfect sense that I would get the traffic reports and not, say any of the criminal affairs or homicide files. So no need to look at them or anything.

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So, do you still need help?

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Okay! I'll be right there!

[And in a little bit, there she is!]

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[Gumshoe is outside, looking through the files rather hurriedly.]

KG, KG, come on, it probably would be best to put that somewhere else for now...

[He looks up to see Kay is there to help and quickly slams the drawer shut in surprise.]

Oh! Hey Kay! Um, so thanks so much for helping out.

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Eh? Cagey? Who's cagey? I'm just wondering what to do with all these files.

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Don't they just go inside? Here, let me look...

[Reaching for one!]

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[What is the chance the file she grabs is the KG-8 one? Knowing Gumshoe's luck, pretty much a given. Which is why he kinda gets in her way to stop her from grabbing a file.]

Right! Inside! I was thinking we could move the drawers in first, you know? Detach them from the cabinets or something?

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...Okay, that sounds like a good idea.

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Alright then, you can start with that cabinet then and I'll take this one.

[That should be safe, yeah, what with it starting with A and all. Unless someone misfiled the KG-8 folder. But who would do that, right?]

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[Kay's carrying the drawer in when she sees a certain folder peeking up out of the top...]

The KG-8 case?! What's this doing in here?

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[Gumshoe slaps his forehead. Of course. Wait, maybe he can save this.]

Um, yeah! Traffic has a similar case filing system! So, you know, sometimes you see familiar names!

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Doesn't that get confusing?

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Well, yeah, but that's why we put the division name on the file folder!

[Which is actually kinda true. .....Wait.]

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Then why does the folder say 'Homicide Division?'

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[You can almost hear the wheels turning as Gumshoe tries to come up with something, anything, but it's not happening. So eventually he just slumps his shoulders and coughs up the truth.]

Aw, I'm sorry, Kay. I lied about them being from Traffic. I was just trying to avoid dredging up any bad memories...

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[Kay smiles a little wistfully, shaking her head.]

It's okay.

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[Gumshoe is still feeling bad about this, despite her words.]

There's a lot of files here, and a lot of memories. Good and bad, but all stemming from a pretty bad start. It's enough to make a guy feel like he's bad luck...

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You're not bad luck at all! Mr. Edgeworth could never have solved the smuggling ring case without you!

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[Gumshoe cheers up a little at that.]

Yeah, I guess so, thanks Kay. It's just looking at a lot of these Homicide files reminds me most of the time we don't get there until AFTER something bad happens...

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Yeah... it'd be nice if you could stop the crimes before they happen, huh?

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Yeah, or at least prevent the ones that harm people so badly...

Ah well, we better get these inside, right? Don't want some random kid looking through them after all.

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Oh, yeah, we should.

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"Uhh.. I can help you. I think?"

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[Gumshoe notices Ness behind him while he was on the phone.]

Oh, hey kid! You want to help out? That'd be great! Maybe you can figure out how to disconnect the drawers cause I couldn't see how to do that... That might make it easier to move the cabinets then.

...Just, um, try not to look into a file without asking. The files from Robbery are probably fine, but, well, the stuff from Homicide aren't exactly pretty.

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"Uhh- S-Sure thing uh um.. D-Dad."

[Ness hurries out of the front door, looking the filing cabinet over with curiosity. Was this a regain? Hmm, most people received things like weapons or abilities. So why did Ness' not Dad get a filing cabinet?

Pulling one of the drawers out, Ness pushes up from the bottom of the drawer and unlocks it from the tracking. Using what arm muscles he has, he gentle lowers the top drawer down to the ground, taking care to not look at the files or spill them.]

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[Gumshoe is looking around for some gloves since that probably would be a good way of keeping their hands from getting harmed during the process of moving sharp metal things...]

I'll be out with some gloves in a minute, so be careful there, no need to hurt yourself...

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[By the time Father Dick is out of the house, Ness has already taken all of the shelving out and placed them in sequential order. Now sitting on the front step, Ness is wiping his forehead on the sleeve of his t-shirt.]

*Phew* "Man.. That's a lot of case work. My Dad's got a lot of work cut out for 'im."

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[Gumshoe comes out with the gloves.]

Alright, this should make sure we don't get-

[He just gawks at how much Ness has already finished while he was getting the gloves...]

Wow, kid, that was quick work! Are we giving you allowance? 'Cause if not, you sure as heck deserve one.


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I can help you.


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Oh man, thanks! There's just no way I could figure out how to get these cabinets inside on my own!