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Noodle Pack 8: We need more Noodle Packs.

[Gumshoe is pushing a shopping cart through the aisle of the general store, slowly scanning the shelves for various items. His ever faithful friend and pet, Missile, rides in the basket of the cart, occasionally shifting or moving to be more comfortable, but mostly sniffs the items Gumshoe occasionally puts into the cart.]

"Let's see... We need some breakfast cereal... At least, I think we do. I don't remember the kids making toast or bagels or something. Maybe I should have made a list or asked them, huh, Missile?"

[At the question, the dog simply cocks his head to one side, as if unsure on how to answer him. Gumshoe sighs and goes back to haphazardly shopping.]

"Well, hopefully I'll get most of the essentials for the week at least. Worse comes to worse, we'll just need to make another trip."

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[Kay is following along behind him, putting in candy and chips and other kinds of junk food every so often while he's not looking and then ducking behind a display before he notices she's there. She intends to see how long she can keep this up.]

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[Gumshoe actually keeps up not noticing for quite awhile. Missile on the other hand is having none of that, and after sniffing the added item, usually puts it back somewhere on the shelf when neither of the two humans are looking.]

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[Kay in turn doesn't notice Missile noticing her, so this might go on for a bit, with Kay putting items into the cart and the dog putting them back. Sad that the canine might be the smartest one of the three.]

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[Missile is starting to think of it as a game and is pretty much eagerly awaiting for the next addition by Kay in the basket, tail wagging all the while. Gumshoe merely thinks the police dog is having fun shopping.]

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[Eventually, Kay notices that the cart isn't really filling up. She also forgets that she's trying to be sneaky, at least long enough to say this next thing out loud.]

Hey! Where'd all my snacks go?

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[Gumshoe stops and notices Kay finally, while Missile just stares at the two with bright eyes and tail wagging.]

"Oh, hey there Kay! Are you shopping too? Did you misplace your grocery basket of snacks?"

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[Time to just play it off!]

I can't decide what to buy.

[Idly scratching Missile under the chin.]

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[Gumshoe gives a slight shrug as if to say he's in the same boat.]

"Yeah, it's usually better to have a list ready for these things. At least if you're getting food for more than just yourself anyways."

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Winry does most of the cooking at our place, so I wouldn't really know.

[Kay smiles as she keeps petting Missile.]

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"So you're just shopping for yourself today? You know you shouldn't do so on an empty stomach? Harder to resist impulse buying they say."

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It's okay, I make a lot of spare money at the cosplay cafe.

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"Oh right, your part time job... Guess it's treating you fairly well there then, huh? No problems or anything?"

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Just guys staring at the short skirt, but that's kind of half the point, you know?

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"I....guess? Though if you guys ever get into some trouble, don't hesitate to get a hold of me. I might not be part of the law here, but that doesn't mean I can't still act like it."

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Of course! If anybody tries anything funny, I'll let you know.

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[Franziska herself is doing some grocery shopping, oblivious to the scruffy detective nearby.]

Foolish drone mother and her foolish cooking. I do not dine on hot dogs and sandwiches every night!

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[Gumshoe also obliviously moves down the aisle, that is until he bumps into someone.]

"Oh geeze, sorry miss, I didn't notice-"

[Gumshoe stops mid-sentence when he sees who it is that he's actually talking to.]

"Miss von Karma! Oh man, I'm really sorry! I should've paid attention to where I was going! Are you.... Wait, did you shrink?"

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[The basket in her hand nearly falls, but she grabs it quickly, none of the items spilling from it. Glancing upwards with the deadly combination of her glare and mouth opened, but not a word was spoken.

Someone she knew for certain. He looks and acts like that scruffy detective, but it is impossible. Why would he have been kidnapped too? Her, it was understandable. She was a prodigy. He was nothing of value.]

... what kind of foolish greeting is that?

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"Oh, er, sorry. It's just the last time I remember you being that....tall was when you were 13.

Still, it's kinda nice to see you again, Miss von Karma, even if it's in such a bad place like Mayfield."

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That would be because I am thirteen years old.

[It was nice to see him as well, because a familiar face is always pleasant. His second remark weighs on her mind however.]

A bad place? Even if I was abducted to this town, I've found it pleasant. Even if it is a outdated.

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"Well... it's a little hard to explain it. And I've lucked out that I haven't had anything really bad happen to me, but Mayfield can really mess with you if you're not careful.

And sometimes it messes with you even if you haven't done anything.

But wait, you are thirteen? Did something suddenly turn your thirteen? Which goes along with how Mayfield randomly messes with you sometimes..."

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I have always been thirteen! [Well, at least for the past few weeks.

Franziska's not going to admit to that though as she gives a tiny huff.]

I thought it not possible, but you have managed to appear even scruffier than normal. Do you not care for your own appearance?

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"Well yeah, I've shaved this morning and everything...

So it wasn't something that did this, then that means...

Oh man, it's another one weird time warpy things again! Like, there's an Ema Skye here who's actually from the future! Well, future for us, but present for her...

But oh man, that means you only remember me from when I first met you when I just became a detective. I guess that means you haven't met Phoenix Wright yet, huh?"