Aug. 19th, 2011

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Day 1 | Tuesday

[Gumshoe is a law-abiding citizen. Under normal conditions, anyways. He's been in Mayfield long enough to know that following the letter of the law and not the spirit is usually a good way to still be a law-abiding citizen here, but not actually supporting what is going on. But now there's the law about milk. He gathered the bottles of milk left by the milkman on Tuesday and set them in the fridge with a note on each bottle that says "DO NOT DRINK!!" as he ponders what exactly to do about this situation. He knows it won't be as simple as follow the law or don't follow it, but he has no idea which would be the better option here...

He's even agonizing over it still when there's a knock on his door in the afternoon. A knock from the new Chief of Police, checking up on the residence. The conversation between the two is tense and short, Gumshoe knowing full well there's not a thing he can do about it, and with him showing up to check on things, figures he'll have to settle for following the law option. Which he punctuates with shouting as he goes back inside to get one of the bottles.]

Look pal, I'm going to drink the milk, alright, right now, here look? Alright? So you don't have to check up on us, we're not law-breakers here.

...So here goes.

[And then he opens the bottle and attempts to chug the milk. Except it's not milk. In fact for a moment, Gumshoe, who had his eyes close, thinks it might be empty and he lucked out. That is until he opens an eye and sees the swarming spiders falling onto his face.]


[What follows is Gumshoe running into the house to find a way to get rid of the spiders crawling over him, and later something to get the taste out of his mouth.]

Day 2! )

Days 3-5 | ???

[During the next couple of days, Gumshoe isn't quick enough to get the bottles from his house mate, but he sure is going to be around to try and handle the effects they cause.]

((OOC Note: I worked this out with Ness's player, deciding to split up milk duties. When he puts up a post for these three days, I'll edit this one to include the link to it!))

Day 6! )

Later during Day 6 | At a nearby park | Still under the effects of the Special Milk

[Gumshoe has taken the hallucinations in pretty good stride. Even when they became more vivid and solid. And human. And talking back to him. He felt some fresh air would help and since he was stuck with these latest hallucinations, he got a nice size fold up table, a deck of cards, and four chairs to set up in an open spot in the park. Why? Well, to play some poker with them of course. Gumshoe shuffles and deals consistently for him and three other people that no one else can see, chatting affable with them.]

Um, Kay's handling things okay, Mr. Faraday, but I think she's still a bit sad over that thing with her boyfriend...ER I MEAN Boyfriend? What boyfriend?! Everything is fine with her! Yep! So what's your bet Dustin?

Um... No, I haven't seen Maggey around. I think someone said she was in Westport, but that might have been the town messing with folks again...

What's that, Mr. Edgeworth? Oh, um, I think Mr. Edgeworth, er, I mean Miles there, not you sir, is back home, so hopefully everything is fine with him.


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