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Noodle Pack 7: Gumshoe in a swank hotel for free? WHOOOOP!

 [Gumshoe suddenly notices he's standing in a room. From the small amount of candlelight currently in the room, it looks like some sort of hotel. It's no hotel he remembers back home, but then, he didn't stay in many back home. Especially as expensive looking ones like this one. Still, he seems unharmed, wearing a nice tux, and holding roses. This probably could bear further investigations, such as that table over there with food.

Wait, food? Well, it does feel like dinner time... And Gumshoe is pretty hungry. Especially since his stomach just gurgled to remind him. Well, can't figure things out on an empty stomach, right?

Gumshoe sits down at the table, setting the roses in the middle. He picks up the silverware up and is about to dig in when he notices the plates across from him. As in another meal. For another person. Which probably means....]

"Er, hello?"

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[Ange was sitting across from Gumshoe in a black dress and looking just as confused as he was. Why in the world were they there in the first place? Well, that's a mystery that will have to be uncovered.]

... Quick to jump into the food, huh? I don't blame you.

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[Fork in midair on its journey to his mouth, Gumshoe pauses and looks at who spoke.]

"Yeah, I mean, it's for us right? Doesn't seem like I'm here because of a murder like the usual reason I'm called to a hotel. So I figured might as well give the food a chance."

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[She has no idea if she should break the ice or let him continue to eat his food. This was very odd.]

... Is that so? You're a detective?

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[Gumshoe eats a bit, but after the question, takes a break to answer.]

"Back home, yeah. Homicide and such. Though never got to eat something like this on my salary."

[Gumshoe was about to eat again when he realizes that maybe he should introduce himself or something.]

"Er, sorry, the name's Dick Gumshoe. I'm guessing you just found yourself suddenly here too, huh?"

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You should do your job for the love of fighting crime. Not for the sake of getting paid.

... Yes. I am Ange Ushiromiya. I was not expecting myself to be here.

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"Oh, I became a detective to fight crime alright. Just meant I never got to eat anything like this before.

It wasn't a problem though, I mean, I can survive pretty well on cup of noodles and I got to help a lot of people.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Miss Ushiromiya. Have you been here long?"

[Gumshoe seems pretty calm for someone suddenly taken from 'home' and waking up in a strange room. It might be lack of any immediate threat though. Or the food. Good food is always a good way to calm people.]

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[She decides to take a few bites herself. At least he proved that the food wasn't poisoned or anything.]

... It's been a year or so. I've returned home once and came back here.

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"Oh, you got to return home? I was a little worried that might not be possible. Though, why'd you come back? Rescue someone or trying to help them? Or just taken again?"

[He continues eating in between the conversation. Might as well not let it go to waste after all.]