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Noodle Pack 6: What has Gumshoe been up to now?

 [The sounds of carpentry can be heard around Mitchell Road. Specifically from the house at 1449. The small garage beside it is open, and Missile, the ever faithful dog, is laying down in the shade of the door's slight overhang. Inside of course is a figure dress for the task at hand as he pares down a large bit of plywood with hand tools. Nearby are some cans of paint, unopened, but marked with what colors are inside. There appears to be a lot of light blue.

Yes, Gumshoe is making something. What he's making may be obvious to some, but looks more like some surrealist nightmare at the moment. This doesn't seem to bother Gumshoe though, as he focuses on his project, seemingly oblivious to his surrounding.]

[[Small edit and OCC note: In case you're wondering what the final product will be, here's a YouTube link of the Blue Badger in action. No music for it though. Yet.]]

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[And here comes his biffle to see what's up! Have a Kay hovering at the entrance to the garage, already leaning down and rubbing Missile's tummy as she watches.]

"Hey, Detective Gumshoe! What're you up to?"

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[Gumshoe is slightly surprised, but only for a moment. Maybe Kay is a pretty good ninja. Or maybe he was just that focused.]

"Oh, Kay! You surprised me! How's it going?"

[He gestures to the pieces of plywood laying around.]

"Right now, I'm working on something to give the place a feel of home, I guess. A Blue Badger mascot like we had back at the precinct."

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"Oh, y'know... not too bad, I guess. Mr. Edgeworth is droned again, but I've kind of gotten used to that."

[Allows herself a momentary sigh before focusing instead on the plywood.]

"Awesome! You're building it all yourself?"

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"Yep! Done it before after all. Was a bit harder to find the stuff to make it move around like last time, but I found it all here and there. Hopefully all of it will work fine, but I guess I'm going to have to make an on/off switch this time..."

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"Wow, it's gonna move too? That's pretty cool!"

[Kay grins. She actually never saw the one Gumshoe made for the precinct.]

"Can I help out too?"

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"Oh yeah, you've only seen the stationary ones at Gatewater Land, huh?

Before they made that place, I made this thing for in front of the Police station. Yep, we got a lot of calls about it back then. Most of them good. The kids seemed to love it at least!

[He glances around to see what he can use help with.]

Let's see... I have the shape cut out, but if you want to help me sand and paint the pieces, that'd be helpful."

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"No problem! Leave it to me!"

[And she gets right to work, grabbing a piece of plywood and some sandpaper.]

"This is gonna be so cool!"

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"Yep! Be like back at the police station in no time.

Even found a tape recorder to play the Badger's theme song. Though I'm not too sure where I can get a cassette tape of it around here. I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually though."

[Gumshoe gets to sanding the rough edges of the various pieces as well, while Missile lounges in the shade.]

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"You could always hum it and get someone to play it on the piano, and record that!"

[Kay is just full of ideas as she sands away~]

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"That's a pretty good idea! Something to try after we get it put together."

[After finishing another smaller piece, he brings the cans of paint and a large blanket to keep the floor free of paint so they're nearby when they finish sanding.]

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"All done over here!"

[Sets the piece of plywood down on the blanket.]

"Time for the paint, right?"

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"Yep! In case you need a reminder of the color scheme of the Blue Badger, I did a sketch of it over there on the work table."

[Indeed, there is a small piece of paper, with a drawing of the Blue Badger fully colored in. By crayons.]

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"Oh yeah, I definitely remember it!"

[Looks at the picture anyway, smiling a little before going over to open one of the paint cans.]

"Let's get started!"

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[Vimes is wandering past, out for a walk. The noises get the better of his policeman's curiosity and he leans in, glancing casually inside without fully exposing himself past the open garage door]

Everything okay in there?

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[The pieces are coming together nicely now, it definitely has a Blue Badger shape. Though not a badger shape. Either way, Gumshoe looks up from his work to see where the voice came from.]

"Oh, hey pal! Yeah, everything's fine. Just doing some arts and crafts here."

[Gumshoe is all smiles as he replies, while Missile simply stares and wags his tail at the new visitor.]

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[Vimes gives the dog a casual look, reminded briefly of his Sergeant, and then looks back to the man]

Mind if I come in? What is it you're working on?

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"Nah, come on in. I'm making this mascot we had back at my Police station. Figured it be nice to have something that reminded me of home around here.

Plus it was one of nicer things I made, so I thought I'd give it another shot."

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[Vimes grins broadly upon hearing this]

Ah! A fellow law man, are you?

[He thrusts out his hand]

Samuel Vimes, Commander of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

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[Gumshoe takes the offered hand and gives it a hearty shake.]

"Pleased to meet ya, pal. Name's Dick Gumshoe. Detective in Criminal Affairs, Homicide, and Robbery in Los Angeles."

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[Vimes keeps grinning]

Never heard of it, but I'm sure it's just as rough as my city.

[Vimes turns to look at the project. He's never liked cute mascots, but meeting another cop has put him in a rare good mood]

So what was this? Something to attract the kids?

[The kids of Ankh-Morpork would have defaced it by now, even before it was finished. At least Mayfield has SOME nice things going for it]

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"It's not that rough of a city, honestly. Though I guess it can be dangerous... You know, now that you mention it, I guess it is pretty rough there, what with some kinda murder every couple of months and then a crazy investigation and turnovers..."

[Gumshoe ponders this a moment before shaking his head of it and gesturing to the Blue Badger.]

"And not exactly, though back home the kids sure did like it. I helped my police chief with making this mascot for our precinct. And I was kinda feeling homesick to be honest. I figured this is a good way to help add a bit more home feel here and occupy myself I guess."

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[Hanna was a curious creature by nature; so he liked to nose around, travel and what-have-you, especially since everything still felt so new to him. He wanted to meet EVERYBODY and be part of their lives whether they liked it or not.

So hands in his pockets, whistling something or other when he walked by and heard curious noises that piqued his interest. And because he has no sense of privacy or personal space, he's poking his head in. Ooooh! It looks interesting.


Was going to come in with a hearty hello! But he didn't want the man to cut off a finger or anything. That would be bad. So he'll just be watching... Like a creeper.]

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[Gumshoe hasn't noticed the newcomer just yet, still a little engrossed in his project, but Missile has noticed him. Missile doesn't think there's anything wrong though, obviously, since he just sits there staring at him, wagging his tail, and panting in the warm air.]