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Noodle Pack 5: Me as a traffic cop. Me as a detention officer. Me as the Blue Badger...

 [Gumshoe is heading down the sidewalk, Missile close by and on a leash. While he seems to be his usually cheery self, there's a bit of determination in his stride, an envelope in his free hand. He also seems to be in a conversation with his canine compatriot, despite the fact that Missile doesn't speak back.]

"...Not that I don't enjoy the paycheck, but that job isn't really me, you know Missile? And I mean I bet they could use a hand or someone with my experience since there doesn't seem to be any police officers around anywhere. At the very least, it wouldn't hurt to ask, right?"

[And with that question, Gumshoe arrives in front of his destination: the Police Station. He takes a breath, lets it out, and opens the door.

Or would have if it wasn't locked. He gives the door another tug. Yep. Locked.]

"Huh, that's odd."

[Gumshoe looks around the front of the building. He even places his ear to the door to see if he can hear any movement inside. Not only does it seem to be locked up, but there seems to be nobody inside. This is a little puzzling to Gumshoe as he stands in front of the door, scratching his head. Did he have the wrong building? Gumshoe glances around the street again as Missile sits patiently beside him.]

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[Walks by the police station, glancing curiously at the man and his dog and nodding as she goes by.]

"Good evening."

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[Gumshoe gives a nod hello to the woman, still puzzling over what to do.]

"Evening miss."

[There's a moment before he realizes that maybe he can ask this person for help or an idea.]

"Oh hey! Er, this is the police station right? I mean, they aren't at a new location and the sign's missing or something? It seems odd that there isn't anybody in there now..."

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[Shakes her head.]

"I do believe this is the police station."

[Pauses a moment, glancing thoughtfully at the building.]

"I don't know all of the particulars, but I gather that there is only one police officer in all of Mayfield - Officer Grady. And I can't tell you from personal experience, but I've heard it's best to avoid him if at all possible."

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"What? There's only one police officer?! That doesn't seem right. I mean, this isn't really that small of a town...

Well, um, do you think there's a volunteer police force or something like firemen? Every time I ask about law and order and stuff, I keep hearing there's none of it or there's corruption or something and that really doesn't seem right.

Maybe the reason Officer Grady is such a terrible guy is because he has to do everything himself. I bet with a good group of subordinates, things could really turn around!"

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No, I really don't think that's the case. But this is hardly an appropriate place to be discussing such things. You may do as you wish, but you would do well to stay beneath the notice of this town's law enforcement. If you wish to help keep the people of this town safe, it's best to pursue such things privately and on your own terms.

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"I guess I can see why you would suggest that, but I just can't imagine leaving things just like that, you know? Doing things on your own is fine if you're perfect, but one of the good things of a police force is a group of people who can pool their skills to help out people. And those with experience help teaching even those with no abilities to be helpful."

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I never said anything about working alone. There are plenty of people who are working together in this town every day toward various ends. I've spoken with several of them myself - in fact, I happen to be married to one of them. If you would like, I can provide you with some names, as long as you make sure to be discreet in your communications with them. I'm sure they would appreciate your assistance and insight, especially if you have experience as a law enforcement professional.

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"Really? That would be great! I kinda feel bad about having to be sneaky about it, but I guess in this place, there's not much of a choice, huh?"

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"Unfortunately, this town does not afford us the luxury of being able to plan things out in the open."

[Takes out a notepad and a pen and writes down the following names: Patrik Brown, Olivier Armstrong, and Ichabod Crane. She hands the piece of paper to Gumshoe.]

"Call these people if you wish to offer your assistance. Be aware that anything you say over the phone lines can be heard by the entire town unless you ask the operator to direct your call to specific parties. I would advise doing so when speaking to any of these three. Not everyone in this town operates on such an altruistic set of morals."

((OOC: I'm sure you've seen other people filter phone calls to people. Just put that in your posts if you want to do it with Gumshoe. This is essentially just Natu explaining how this is accomplished from an in-game perspective.))

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[Gumshoe takes the paper with a smile and tucks it away for safe keeping.]

"Thanks a whole bunch. I'll be sure to keep that in mind from now on as well."

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[Smiles and extends her hand for a shake.]

"Feel free to call upon me as well if you ever happen to run into trouble. Soranik Natu of the Green Lantern Corps."

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[Accepts the offered hand and shakes it with a smile.]

"I will, and it's Detective Dick Gumshoe of Criminal Affairs."

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Pleased to meet you, then, Dick Gumshoe.


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[Fujimaru is walking down the street, looking quite cheerful and casual, having skipped out on the last hour or so of school. He walks up to the police station, oblivious of Gumshoe at first, and starts climbing through bushes to look in the windows.]

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[Missile notices Fujimaru moving through the bushes and stands up with a simple bark, gaining Gumshoe's attention. To which he reacts to on instinct.]

"Hey pal! What are you doing there?

...You don't see anybody in there, do you?"

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[Fujimaru jumps about a foot up in the air at the sound of Gumshoe's voice!]

Eh? Me? N-not skipping school, nope, not me! Oh, hey... Wait.

[He trots over.]

You're not a drone, huh? Nah, I didn't see anybody in there.

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"Dang, it seems odd that they would just leave the place completely empty..."

[Gumshoe is looking over the front of the building again, lost a bit in thought.]

"...Wait, skipping school? What time is it?"

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Maybe they're out on patrol?

[Fujimaru looks GUILTY~]

Eh? Mm, I don't know what time it is. [He holds up his arms.] No watch! But I kind of skipped the end of school today because it was boring.

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"What?! You can't just do that just because you thought it was boring! School's important, and it's important to attend it until the end. I mean, how else do you hope to succeed later in life or get a good job or something?"

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I'm supposed to graduate! I'm done! I'm not gonna go to college... Too lazy for that. Why should I even bother?

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"Well, some of the best jobs these days require some type of degree to even be able to apply to them, for one thing. This is your future you have to think about after all!"

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Eh? I'm just going to work for the government, probably. Or maybe have a ramen stand. What do you think?

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"Well, ramen is pretty tasty, but I thought a lot of government places needed a degree. Plus, how are they going to look on an employee who leaves in the middle of work because it was boring or something?"

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Yeaaaah, this place won't do that.

[He grins.] They're stuck with me 'cause of dad and Otoya.

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[Ema is walking around town as per usual, making notes of anything that seems to catch her attention and calling it an investigation. The problem with this town is that nearly nothing is out of the ordinary. It's frustrating and makes finding chinks in the illusion extremely difficult.

Outside of the police station, Ema's focus of the moment, stands a familiar figure. She remembered him being bigger, but realizes that she has to adjust; she's grown since then, he hasn't shrunk any.]

Detective Gumshoe?

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[Gumshoe turns to see who is still calling him a 'detective' and sees what he _thinks_ is a familiar face.]

"It's not really detective at the moment it seems..."

[Gumshoe is staring at the moment, the gears obviously turning as he tries to recognize this person. The voice sounds a bit familiar too.]

"....Um, sorry, I know you right?"

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[Ema is a bit disheartened, but not surprised. It seems like Gumshoe is from back seven years ago, too.]

I'm Ema. Ema Skye. Last time you saw me, I was sixteen.

And you're still a detective, just not here. This place doesn't count.

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"Wait, what?! Ema Skye? Geeze, how old are you now? And how come you're older?

Man, this place makes less sense day by day...

...Er, sorry, I knew you were familiar, but I honestly didn't expect you to be older somehow. I mean, I know that kids can grow up fast but this seems to be kind of a stretch."

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Yeah, I'm older--25, in fact. Whatever is bringing us here pulled me from the year 2026.

[She sighs a little.] You don't have to apologize. You didn't expect me to be a grown woman, and it's not your fault this place doesn't make any sense at all.

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[Saw you across the street, YOU HAVE A PUPPY so Cynric is so there.

He watches Gumshoe and his confused state.]

You should knock!

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"Huh? Oh, I don't think anybody is even in there! I mean, there's no sound coming from behind the door even. How many police officers do they have running this thing anyway?"